George's famous uncle, Captain Joseph Brant. His portrait was painted by the eminent British portrait artist Sir George Romney when Joseph visited Britain and was presented at the court of King George III. Evidently he was quite a hit with the ladies. Joseph was a man of considerable culture. With the aid of the Reverend John Stuart, he translated the gospel into Mohawk. 

The Mohawk River he river and its supporting canal, the Erie Canal, connect the Hudson River and port of New York with the Great Lakes at Buffalo.

George Johnson's second home was Johnson Hall, just outside the town of Johnston, New York. It was a well-known meeting place for the community. The painting shows a meeting with representatives of the Six Nations.

Bill for Col. William Johnson, Johnson Hall, 1770s

Fort Hunter, NY, across the river from Fort Johnson.

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This website is about George Johnson, part Mohawk, part white, and for a brief time, barely in his teens, a Mohawk warrior in the American War of Independence.