Mohawk Valley

Drive or take the train from New York City up the Hudson Valley and turn north at Albany, and you'll soon be in the Mohawk Valley, following the river up the valley.
Or  head east from Syracuse until you reach the Mohawk River.
Either route will take you to Canajoharie or Fort Hunter, both towns with histories stretching back hundreds of years to the tumultuous years of the American War of Independence and even earlier to America's colonial beginnings.
When white people -- Dutch, German, Irish, and Scots among them -- first began to settle in the Mohawk Valley, most did so with the cooperation of the people already living, farming, hunting, and trading there: the Six Nations of the Iroquois.   

All about George

This website is about George Johnson, part Mohawk, part white, and for a brief time, barely in his teens, a Mohawk warrior in the American War of Independence.